Why we exist

India is home to 194.6 million undernourished people. That’s three times the entire population of France. 

Low social status affects women's health and nutrition and makes it more likely that they will give birth to underweight babies.

The country is home to over one third of the world’s stunted (chronically malnourished) children. A 38.7 percent of children under 5 are stunted.

 One fourth of all undernourished people on the planet live in India. 


Why do some people beg, while some don't?

Why are some kids dressed in uniforms while some in tathered clothes?

Why do some people die becuase they don't get enough food to eat?

Why are some lives spent tirelessly under the burden of ensuring the next meal for the family?

Why is a country growing so fast not able to ensure food for all?

Why 'oh why' do 1.3 million Indian children die of malnutrtion every year?

And, while knowing this why does everyone seem to do nothing and simply watch?

Thats why DoubleRoti exists...

          Founder: Taira Bhargava

    Co-founder: Imaan Bhargava

Our major contributors - Modern bazaar without whose help we wouldnt have been able to kick start the project . 


Registered Charity Number : 011 26310315

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