Hi , my name is Taira Bhargava , and I study in grade 12 at The Shri Ram School, Moulsari. 

The one notion that engages me deeply is my naive eagerness to rectify the chasm of hunger and malnutrition that India is strangled in. 

It all happened when I attended a flamboyant wedding last year— I marvelled at the amount of food that was lavishly concocted and due to my inquisitive persona I decided to stay back and see what happened to it . At 12:10am when the ceremony concluded , I witnessed heaps of excess food being sent straight to the bin which could have fed over 250 people just that night. 

I ruminated about this vexatious sight and enquired extensively. This is when it dawned upon me that we live in a place where hunger is rampant and a feature intrinsic to Delhi. India is home to millions of undernourished people and tops the hunger list globally- Thats why I chose to tackle this pressing issue by channelizing the surplus food from bakeries and create an organised distributing network between the bakery and the end consumer in a safe , hygienic and fair manner. This leads to a reduction in food wastage across the state and yet providing an extra bite of food to those in need. 

I am trying to raise funds in order to fund the transportation and delivery of goods from the bakery to the shortlisted missionaries and boarding schools namely Cheshire home , Kasturba Balika Vidyalaya and Mother Teresas, Missionaries of charity


Your voluntary actions or  any form of donation are extremely important to our work at Project Double Roti.

There are many ways you can contribute towards our causes, and every little bit that you commit goes a long way in helping us fulfill our mission. 



Monday : Kasturba Balak Vidyalay - Kasturba Balika Vidyalaya Sr Sec Sch located in Ishwar Nagar New Delhi is a Girls Senior Secondary institution . (Class 6-12)

Thursday : Leonardo Cheshire Home- 

Established in 1957 and houses 79 residents that include men, women and children. It provides shelter to the physically handicapped, mentally ill, austistic and cerebral palsy. It runs solely on donations . 

Location - Cheshire Homes India - Delhi Unit
Opposite Holy Family Hospital
Okhla Road, New Delhi 110025, India

Saturday : Outside Shani Mandir

          Founder: Taira Bhargava

    Co-founder: Imaan Bhargava

Our major contributors - Modern bazaar without whose help we wouldnt have been able to kick start the project . 


Registered Charity Number : 011 26310315

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