India Today

"India too is developing at a level where people find themselves able to choose 'perfect' food items, leaving the bruised fruits and vegetables, and food items which don’t look good’ for garbage.

And the disastrous consequences of this in a country, where around 196 million people don’t have enough food, did not go unnoticed by a class 10 student of Shri Ram School in Gurugram"

. - Roshni Chakrabarty

The Better India  

"It is amazing to read about young Indians who are working at the grassroots to bring about a change. Meet 16-year-old Taira Bhargava, a student of class 10 at Shri Ram School, Moulsari in Gurugram, who is working hard to eradicate hunger in her own way." - Vidya Raja

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Harvest Tv

          Founder: Taira Bhargava

    Co-founder: Imaan Bhargava

Our major contributors - Modern bazaar without whose help we wouldnt have been able to kick start the project .

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